The End of Time

August 19, 2009

In DWM 412, the title for Russell T Davies and David Tennant’s final episode has been revealed as The End of Time. It also announces that John Simm and Alexandra Moen, who played the Master and Lucy Saxon respectively in 2007, are returning to their roles for 4.17/The End of Time.

In addition, former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton has been cast as ‘The Narrator’.


Casting for Christmas Specials

May 1, 2009

In the latest Doctor Who Magazine, some cast for the two Specials to air over the Christmas period were announced. The headline mentions are Catherine Tate, Bernard Cribbins, and Jacqueline King, returning as Donna, Wilf and Sylvia respectively.

Also announced are June Whitfield playing ‘Minnie Hooper’ and David Harewood.