‘Children of Earth’ overnight ratings

July 12, 2009

The overnight ratings for Children of Earth have been released, and can be seen below.

Day One

BBC One: 5.9 million viewers; 25.8% audience share; 5th most watched programme of the day; Appreciation Index 88

BBC HD: 97,000 viewers

BBC Three repeat: 214,000 viewers; 3.9% share

Day Two

BBC One: 5.6 million viewers; 24% share; most watched programme of the day; AI 90

BBC HD: 82,000 viewers

BBC Three repeat: 282,000 viewers; 5.8% share

Day Three

BBC One: 5.9 million viewers; 27.1% share; 3rd most watched programme of the day; AI 90

BBC HD: 105,000 viewers

BBC Three: 225,000 viewers

Day Four

BBC One: 6.2 million viewers; 27.0% share; 2nd most watched programme of the day; AI 91

BBC HD: 82,000 viewers

BBC Three: 232,000 viewers

Day Five

BBC One: 5.8 million viewers; 26.7% share; 4th most watched programme of the day; AI 90

BBC HD: 95,000 viewers

BBC Three repeat: 333,000 viewers

The final figures will be posted here as soon as possible.


DWM #410

June 24, 2009

Doctor Who Magazine issue 410 is out tomorrow, but Doctor Who Latest has an early copy. The magazine’s headline feature is a two-page interview with Karen Gillan, recently announced as the companion for Series 5. The interview doesn’t actually say anything, other than she watches the show a bit and thinks everyone is “excellent” or “lovely”.

The big article is by Simon Kinnear, about the presence of money in Doctor Who, and how it affects the Doctor’s universe. The seven-page feature is quite interesting; it goes through the show chronologically, from the Doctor’s tax-dodging in The Reign of Terror to Planet of the Ood.

An interview with Julie Gardner looking back on her time on Doctor Who follows for three pages, then the third part of The Age of Ice.

However, the next part is Doctor Who Latest‘s favourite: the exciting preview for Torchwood: Children of Earth, the five-part series that will air over one week this July.

The magazine also has all the news, the reviews and the Watcher’s Guide to the Fourth Doctor. It is out tomorrow priced £3.99.

Who and Torchwood to launch BBC America HD

June 2, 2009

BBC America has announced that Torchwood: Children of Earth and Planet of the Dead will be part of the programming that will launch new HD channel BBC America HD.

Children of Earth will air on the week commencing 20 July, with Planet of the Dead airing on the following Sunday.

New Torchwood poster

March 7, 2009

The first poster advertising the third Torchwood series, Children of Earth, has been released and can be seen below.


Details on Children of Earth can be found here.