Second Special to air “November-ish”

April 7, 2009

Russell T Davies announced this morning that the second of the 2009 Specials, name as yet unknown, would air “November-ish”. This follows an announcement in DWM 407 that the Special would air in the second half of the year, but before the Christmas period as had previously been speculated.

Interviewed on BBC Breakfast, he also stated that the Easter Special Planet of the Dead, which will air on Saturday, was only completed late last night.

The full interview can be found on the BBC website.


DWM 407

April 3, 2009

The leading feature in this month’s issue of Doctor Who Magazine is the 10 pages of preview features, four of which consist of an interview with Michelle Ryan, for 11 April’s Doctor Who special Planet of the Dead.

The episode has a lot more ‘sci-fi’ in it than Gareth’s previous Doctor Whos or Sarah Jane Adventures. “But you need to approach a totally imagined setting with equal thoroughness as a historical or contemporary one,” he points out. “I’ve never done that for TV before, so it was a real challenge, but every Who script throws new problems at you that nobody’s encountered before.”

Also featured is what promises to be a very controversial interview with Christopher H Bidmead, script editor of Doctor Who’s 18th season. In the interview, Bidmead explains why his episodes were so much better than what came before, after, and much later on.

Russell,” he continues, “who I shouldn’t call Russell, as I don’t know him and have never met him, is what I call a first-draft writer. He sits down in the heat of the moment and churns out something that’s delightful and inventive and wonderful. But writing’s not about that. It’s about going back into that script, and cutting it, and shaping it. The problem is, Russell will put a first-draft script into the studio, because he can. He’s in charge!”

In his column You Are Not Alone, Neil Harris ponders the culture of tabloids gaining “exclusive” celebrity Doctor Who rumours.

Also, readers are asked to rate all 200 (technically) Doctor Who stories, the second part of Mortal Beloved, Who On Earth Is… Daniel Kaluuya, the first part of a quick guide through the history of Doctor Who, as well as The Fact of Fiction: Castrovalva, Sheridan Smith in Out of the TARDIS, The Time Team looking at The Happiness Patrol, and the usual reviews, news and production notes.

DWM 407 cover

April 1, 2009

The cover for Doctor Who Magazine Issue #407 has been released, and can be seen below. The magazine features a preview of the Easter special: Planet of the Dead; a massive vote to find out the best ever Doctor Who story; the second part of comic strip Mortal Beloved, and more, to be announced in a press release.