DWM 405

February 8, 2009

Doctor Who Magazine 405 was released on Thursday.

The main article is a seven-page interview with Matt Smith, the recently announced Eleventh Doctor:

“I’ve got a meeting with Piers [Wenger, executive producer] next week to discuss that, by I think we’ll start rehearsing and, you know, just sit around Piers’ or Steven’s kitchen table, read the scripts together, talk about the part. We’ll talk about my intentions, their intentions, how we feel it can fly, and sing, and be as brilliant and as Doctor-y and as excellent as it can be.”

The magazine also features an eight-page essay, written by Jonathan Morris, on how citizens of the Doctor Who universe seem to repeatedly forget the various invasions of Earth, as well as a four-page interview with producer Susie Liggat, the final part of The Stockbridge Child, The Fact of Fiction РPlanet of Evil, the reviews section, an interview with Lizo Mzimba, prizes, competitions and more.