‘Waters of Mars’ update

July 11, 2009

The BBC Doctor Who site has been updated with a (somewhat frightening) video clip (sans music) of The Waters of Mars, as well as a ‘preview gallery’ (containing two new images, some trailer snapshots and photos of the crew).

On Thursday, the BBC announced that “Adelaide is head of the Mars Base and doesn’t take kindly to an uninvited appearance by The Doctor” and that Peter O’Brien’s character is called Ed, Adelaide’s second in command.


Second Special title announced

April 11, 2009

The title for the second Special: The Waters of Mars, as well as a new trailer, was broadcast at the end of Planet of the Dead. No air date was announced, however, leaving “November-ish” as our closest date.

Second Special to air “November-ish”

April 7, 2009

Russell T Davies announced this morning that the second of the 2009 Specials, name as yet unknown, would air “November-ish”. This follows an announcement in DWM 407 that the Special would air in the second half of the year, but before the Christmas period as had previously been speculated.

Interviewed on BBC Breakfast, he also stated that the Easter Special Planet of the Dead, which will air on Saturday, was only completed late last night.

The full interview can be found on the BBC website.

Lindsay Duncan in second Special

February 18, 2009

Lindsay Duncan has been cast as the companion to David Tennant’s Doctor in the second of the Special Doctor Who episodes to be broadcast later this year.

The report in the Daily Record quotes Russell T Davies as saying:

“Lindsay is an incredibly talented actress and I’ve been an admirer of her work for some time.

“We are delighted to announce that she will be joining the team and playing the Doctor’s most strong-minded companion yet.”

She will reportedly play a character called Adelaide, the most strong-minded companion yet.