Upcoming SJA episodes

Upcoming episodes for The Sarah Jane Adventures
Series Three of SJA will be broadcast in Autumn 2009 and will consist of six stories, each of two episodes.

In DWM 405, producer Nikki Wilson (nee Smith) confirmed that robot dog K9 will return for “approximately six of the 12 episodes”.

Production began at the end of April.

Directors for the series include Joss Agnew and Alice Troughton.

Regular actors Elisabeth Sladen, Thomas Knight, Daniel Anthony and Anjli Mohindra are reprising their roles as Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Rani respectively.

Also starring are:

Brian Miller, with Ace Bhatti and Mina Anwar returning as Rani’s parents.

Prisoner of the Judoon

Featuring the return of the Judoon, as an enemy to the “reptilian Veil”.

Written by Phil Ford

Starring Paul Kasey and Nicholas Briggs as the Judoon operator and voice.

The Mad Woman in the Attic

Written by Joseph Lidster

Starring Souad Faress, Gregg Sulkin, Eleanor Tomlinson, Toby Parkes, Rai Rajani and Kate Fleetwood.

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

Written by Gareth Roberts

Starring David Tennant as the Doctor, Nigel Havers and Zienia Merton.

The Eternity Trap

Written by Phil Ford

Starring Floella Benjamin, Adam Gillen, Donald Sumpter, Tony Boncza, Amelia Clarkson and Callum Blue.

Mona Lisa’s Revenge

Featuring “a living painting”

Written by Phil Ford

Starring Suranne Jones, Jeff Rawle, Liza Sadovy and Lizo Mzimba.

The Gift

Written by Rupert Laight

Other storylines for the series include “an extraterrestrial girl that can make people play games against their will”, “the inhabitants of a supposedly haunted house”, and “monsters who want to infect Earth with a strangely aggressive weed”.


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