Richard Curtis to write for Series Five

September 8, 2009

BBC News has announced that Richard Curtis is to write an episode for Doctor Who‘s thirty-first series, to be broadcast in Spring 2010. The announcement follows an interview with Curtis in tabloid “news”paper The Sun.

He said that the episode would feature a “famous historical figure” battling a monster.

It is important to note that The Sun regularly makes “facts” up in order to get more readers – the “insider” suggesting that the figure is Sir Edmund Blackadder is most likely invented.


Sarah Jane series 3 titles revealed

August 19, 2009

The titles for the third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures have been revealed in DWM 412, out this week. The six stories, each consisting of two episodes, are respectively: Prisoner of the Judoon by Phil Ford, The Mad Woman in the Attic by Joseph Lidster, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith by Gareth Roberts, The Eternity Trap by Phil Ford, Mona Lisa’s Revenge by Phil Ford, and The Gift by Rupert Laight.
More details can be found here.

The End of Time

August 19, 2009

In DWM 412, the title for Russell T Davies and David Tennant’s final episode has been revealed as The End of Time. It also announces that John Simm and Alexandra Moen, who played the Master and Lucy Saxon respectively in 2007, are returning to their roles for 4.17/The End of Time.

In addition, former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton has been cast as ‘The Narrator’.

DWM 412 cover

August 18, 2009

The cover for the 412th issue of Doctor Who Magazine has been released on Facebook, and can be seen below. DWM 412 will be available in shops from Thursday.


Sarah Jane casting

July 22, 2009

The latest issue of DWM has revealed quite a few cast names for the upcoming third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Episodes 3 and 4 feature Souad Faress, Gregg Sulkin, Eleanor Tomlinson, Toby Parkes, Rai Rajani and Kate Fleetwood.

Episodes 5 and 6 feature Zienia Merton.

Episodes 7 and 8 feature Floella Benjamin, Adam Gillen, Donald Sumpter, Tony Boncza, Amelia Clarkson and Callum Blue.

Episodes 9 and 10 feature Suranne Jones, Jeff Rawle and Liza Sadovy.

Lizo Mzimba also appeares.

In addition, Russell has all but said that there is a confirmed fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

DWM 411

July 22, 2009

Doctor Who Magazine issue 411 is released tomorrow. The lead article is the first part of an interview with Fourth Doctor Tom Baker, the second part of which features in next month’s issue.

It also has an intriguing article by Graham Kibble-White which examines whether Doctor Who is actually “good” television.

After the fourth part of The Age of Ice, the rest is regulars: You Are Not Alone, the Time Team examining Ghost Light, the Watcher examining the Fifth Doctor, The Fact of Fiction examining The Tomb of the Cybermen, Gary Gillatt examining The War Games, and a one-page interview with Katy Manning.

Series 5 update

July 20, 2009

On the day that Series 5 is due to begin filming, a couple of very interesting items have been announced. First, Karen Gillan’s character is to be called Amy Pond.

Secondly, the costume for Matt Smith’s Doctor has been announced, and can be seen below.